Prominda combines style and substance to provide you with a unique, architect-designed modular home

Look to us for your new home. Built using superior construction methods, Prominda’s site-specific prefabricated homes are delivered complete to you, whatever the setting or location.

We can tailor your house to your lifestyle, site and budget.

Prominda is a proudly family owned and operated company, with manufacturing facilities in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Our expertise is in rural settings and commitment to quality to ensure our customers are guaranteed a product that will last a lifetime. 

Our factory building process allows exacting building standards and rigid quality control. 

We can provide architectural input to help maximise functionality and energy efficiency. Many of our builds are off-grid an suitable for bushfire prone areas. 

With build times as little as 14 weeks, we can get you in your dream home quicker than you can imagine. Learn more about Our Process

Looking for an innovative and sustainable building solution? Contact us today to find out more.