Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Get in touch if we’ve missed one of yours.

Design and Inclusions

Is Prominda a registered builder?

Yes, Prominda is a registered builder.

Can I change a Prominda design?

Yes, you can. Prominda has a number of modular designs available, but they are only a creative starting point for designing your home. Modular home design is not a constraint! Once you have entered into our Preliminary Agreement, you will work with our in-house design team to customise your home to your specific needs and site.

What is the standard ceiling height?

Standard ceiling heights are a minimum of 2650 mm in living and dining areas. This can be increased if your modular home has raked ceilings.

What is a standard module size?

Standard Prominda modules are 4.8 m wide. The length of a Prominda module can be anything from 3.0 metres to 19.90 metres. The final length of your Prominda module may depend on the constraints of the site.

Where are the modules built?

Prominda is located in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and we build all modules within our factory using local specialist trades and materials.

Can I visit the factory during my build?

Yes, of course! We encourage visits during the building of your home. If you cannot visit, then our team will keep you updated with weekly photos and emails.

Can I add more modules in the future?

Yes, you can. Modular designs are flexible, allowing extra modules to be added later.

Does Prominda work with external designers and architects?

Yes, we can. We have our own internal design team who are experts with modular builds, but we are more than happy to consult with your external design team

What are the heating and cooling options?

There are many! Heating and cooling options in your modular home are pretty much unlimited, depending on your needs. Many of our clients install fireplaces with heat transfer systems, but others will choose split-system air conditioning/heating. Underfloor heating options are available in wet areas.

Can Prominda manufacture a module to my existing house?

Yes, we can. We will need to access the site with a truck, or a crane. Our in-house engineering and design team will be able to offer advice on the options available.

What if my site has a big slope?

Prominda specialises in sloping sites! The majority of our homes are installed on sloping sites on rural blocks that allow the owners to take in sweeping views of the surrounds. We use a footing/piles system that allows us to install our homes even on a steep slope.

Can Prominda build in a bushfire zone?

Yes, we can. Prominda homes are built to BAL 19 (Bushfire Assessment Level) as a standard. A bushfire assessment will be needed for your Development Application (DA). This may be a self-assessment or in cases of high bushfire risk (BAL 29- Flame Zone) may require a specialist assessment and report. The higher the BAL rating of your property, the more building modifications may be needed.

What are the benefits of building a Prominda home over a conventional on-site build?

Prominda builds your home in our factory and delivers it for installation in 16 weeks. Once your design is finalised, our build times are rapid and reliable. A Prominda build is not subject to weather disruptions and other site delays, and is also not constrained to tradie working hours. We can just turn the lights on and keep working, including after hours and weekends. Our factory is a controlled environment which is conducive to quality. Check out the Prominda Advantage for more information.

What is the difference between a modular home and a kit home?

Modular homes are constructed off site and transported to your site fully completed and installed on a footing system, ready to be connected to services. Prominda modular homes are tailored specific to you and your site.

A kit home is also constructed off site, but in separate components and delivered to the site to be constructed and installed. You would need to appoint a builder or be an owner-builder for installation of a kit home. Kit homes may be less flexible with design and selections.

Is there a difference between a transportable home and a modular home?

Within the industry, ‘transportable home’ has come to mean a conventional shaped, specified and designed building which is built in a factory, then ‘cut in half’ and transported to site. Typically these are built as a basic specification house for a price sensitive market.

‘Modular’ is more typically used to describe a home built as a series of modules, or pods, which are arranged to form the house.

As with transportables, they are built in a factory and taken to site as a completed build. The modules are usually a complete structure in their own right. As such, they are suited to being crane-lifted into position, unlike a typical transportable house. They are also more able to withstand the rigors of transport. ‘Modular’ normally indicates the building is built to a higher quality and level of finish than a transportable house.

How do I know if my site is OK for a Prominda home?

Prominda will conduct a site assessment of your site. Online assessment tools are used in the initial stage. Later, our design and engineering team will meet you on site to discuss access and home location.

What are Prominda’s standard inclusions

Prominda’s standard inclusions are available as a download. Our standard appliances all have maximum efficiency and energy ratings and are included in your contract price.

Can I upgrade my selections?

Yes, of course. While we consider our standard selections as premium, you are always welcome to upgrade your selections to meet your individual needs. Prominda provides an individual one-on-one selection experience with our specialist client liaison manager, conducted over two days in Wagga Wagga.

Site Transport and Installation

How long does it take to build a Prominda home in the factory?

Construction time in the factory will depend on the complexity of your build but generally build time is 16 weeks from the start of construction of your home. We are not constrained by weather or other site delays, meaning our homes are more likely to be delivered on time. Click here to view our construction timeline.

How long does it take to install a Prominda house on site?

Our specialist installation crews will be on site from one to three weeks depending on the number of modules and decking.

What is the footing system Prominda uses?

Prominda uses Surefoot Concrete Free Footing System. Surefoot is a concrete-free alternative to screw piles and a traditional concrete pad. Surefoot can be used on most sites – including sloping sites. Depending on your soil conditions and the height of the modules, you may require additional bracing or a modified footing system.

Are Prominda home installed by crane?

The majority of our modules are delivered by truck. However, a crane may be required if the trucks cannot access the site. The need for a crane will be determined at the time of your site visit and assessment.

Do I need to arrange service connections?

Yes, this will need to be arranged by you.

Do I need a soil test?

Yes, a soil test will be required. If you have had one done previously, a further test may not be required depending on the level of testing. Soil test costs are covered in your Prominda costings.

What are the costs of transport?

Transport is calculated on the distance and the number of modules. In NSW, there may be additional transport costs for police escorts. Each project is individually quoted for the transport cost and is included in your costings.

Where can Prominda homes be delivered and installed?

We can install a Prominda home in just about any location. There can be limits due to the road access with bridges, weight restrictions and even railway crossings. Your site and access will be individually assessed and discussed with you. We have delivered homes to site throughout NSW.

Our design team will work with you to ensure your Prominda home is designed specifically for your location.

Do I need to do any site preparations?

It does depend on your site. You may already have existing services like septic and power that can be used, but a new site will need to have a waste treatment system installed and electricity and plumbing. Generally, there are no specific site preparation needs for a Prominda home. Our Prominda team will visit and assess your site and advise you on any site preparations that may be needed.

Do I need other reports (effluent study/biodiversity)?

As part of your Development Application, your council will require certain reports, and this will vary from council to council. In NSW, any new site will require an effluent study. Biodiversity studies and certified BAL assessment may be required depending on your zoning. Prominda will assist in obtaining these reports.

Does Prominda prepare the Development Application (DA) documents?

Yes, we do. We will prepare a full set of documents, including engineering certification and all architectural drawings required for your DA submission. Depending on your site, further reports may be required to be submitted with your application and Prominda will assist in obtaining these reports, which may be an additional cost.

How are the modules connected on site?

Generally, the modules are transported by truck to your site. On occasion, a crane may be required to be used for the installation. The trucks are able to manoeuvre over and around the footing system and place the modules on the stumps. Our Prominda installers will be on site and ready to start the join-up as soon as the modules are set down. Depending on the configuration, the modules are connected seamlessly.

Energy Efficiency and Materials

How is a Prominda home better for the environment?

Prominda has a philosophy of low impact on the environment. Using the Surefoot concrete-free footing system has a minimal impact on the site as there is no clearing required. This minimises disruption to flora and fauna. As the modules are manufactured in our factory in Wagga Wagga and delivered to site, there is minimal disturbance on site and the time on site for installation can be as little as one week. To read more about sustainability at Prominda click here.

Can I have solar panels on the roof?

Yes, you are able to install solar panels. Depending on the specifications, there may need to be extra supports installed in the roof.

Can I be off grid?

Yes – all Prominda homes are suitable for off grid.

What septic / effluent system can I use?

There are many choices available and will depend on your needs. You may be able to connect your Prominda home to your existing septic system. Many councils in NSW are now requiring any new septic system be an aerated wastewater treatment system.

What windows are used?

All Prominda homes are installed with double glazing on all windows and doors. Double glazing allows Prominda to use large areas of glass while retaining thermal efficiency.

What insulation is used?

Prominda uses high quality insulation in external walls, sub flooring and ceiling cavities. Upgrades, including sound-proofing, are available.

Warranties and Finance

What warranties do Prominda provide

All Prominda homes come with NSW Statutory warranties, guaranteeing your home for 6 years for major defects and 2 years for minor defects.

Obtaining finance – some tips

Prominda has an information sheet to help you with obtaining finance.