Better By Design

Most builders are focused on getting you through the building process as quickly as possible. We have a different philosophy. We want to work with you to ensure the design of your new home is perfect for you. Perfect for YOUR site, that it harvests YOUR aspects and views, that it suits YOUR lifestyle and needs and that it works as a solar passive structure.

Every Prominda home is unique. Our in house architecturally trained designer will work with you to ensure your house fits you, and is tailored to get the best from your site, and incorporates the best in sustainable, solar passive design.


If you are working with an architect we welcome their input.

We can also offer help with design and specification from our regular architectural advisor.


Why factory build your home?


Once the design is complete, our build times are rapid and reliable.

Have you ever considered that your car was built in a factory and not by the roadside? The same arguments apply to a home!

Being factory built allows more reliable build times. Weather disruptions are not a factor causing lost days. If our tradesmen are falling behind, they have the ability to catch up to schedule - just turn the lights on and keep working! Morning/night and weekend curfews to appease the neighbours are just not an issue.

The factory gives an environment more conducive to quality. Someone may whip you up a BBQ on a sloping table attended by flies, but you are more lively to get a gourmet experience when the chef is working on a stainless steel bench inside an uncluttered kitchen.

Our experienced customer liaison officer can guide you through the selections process, helping you to get all finishes and fittings to your taste and budget.

Our tradesman have a clean, level concrete floor, easy access and moderate weather conditions to prepare your 6 star home!

Typically a builder will be trying to supervise his various trades across multiple sites, with regular inspections nearly impossible. All our projects are side by side so we are continually inspecting our trades’ work.

Factory quality management systems, which we apply, allow us to produce build quality at the ‘nuts and bolts’ level to ensure you receive a top quality, enduring building.

Quality builds at all levels. Our buildings begin with a fabricated steel structure. We then flesh that out with blue steel internal framing. This gives the building structural integrity and durability.


No site is too difficult.

An all steel, engineered structure gives us the ability to crane lift modules into position if required. Site cuts are minimised, lessening your impact on site, and building costs.


Timber vs Steel

Timber has long been the choice of framing material for housing construction. However, steel frames may offer a number of advantages over this traditional material.

  • Timber is more vulnerable to damage, particularly to weather and termites.

  • The production of steel frames generally has less wastage and is of a higher quality build. This is important for the joins between the frame and windows/doors where gaps can decrease the insulation properties of your home.

  • Timber frames require land clearing and deforestation for production.

  • Steel is infinitely recyclable while timber frames are not.

  • Steel frames suffer from less movement and thus result in less cracking in plaster and paint.

At Prominda we use a steel framing system that means a higher quality build with less wastage. Meaning a better more environmentally friendly home for you and your family.

A Prominda home has amazing features as a standard inclusion

  • Windows are double glazed, allowing for large areas of glass while retaining thermal efficiency. We include more window area as a standard in our designs.

  • All steel framing takes away worries about wooden frames warping over time and termite attack.

  • High quality insulation is used in walls, sub floor and ceiling cavity.

  • Architectural style steel balustrading and stairs give our buildings a stylish edge.

  • Decking in our projects is steel framed, with hardwood timber screwed, not nailed to give a maintenance free life.

  • The finishing touches in a Prominda home reflect our quality build philosophy.

  • We use a 3 coat painting system on internal surfaces (not 2 coat as is standard in many builds). We use engineered timber flooring (not laminate) as a standard.

  • Our allowances for tiles and carpets give you a choice of upscale products.

  • Gyprock has a square set finish without use of architraves and cornices giving a clean, elegant look.

  • Our allowances for kitchen and storage joinery give you a quality kitchen with large amounts of storage without the need to extend your budget.

  • Our lighting allowance gives you 4 high quality LED fittings per room typically. (most builders quotes specify only one fitting of lower quality).


Fixed price guarantee

We use a plain English building contract. Once you sign up, the price specified will be the price of your home (unless you make changes during the build process).

We will tell you an allowance for your home's transport. We will also indicate any likely contingencies which need to be allowed for.


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