At Prominda, our team of designers, builders, engineers and architects work together to build you a home tailored to your lifestyle, site and budget.

Our superior construction methods are used to create modular housing and building solutions. Our qualified team combines intelligent design, exceptional functionality, energy efficiency and flexibility to build you a contemporary, high quality home that will last a lifetime.

No matter the home you are after, the team at Prominda will guide your project from start to finish through the following stages.


We meet to discuss your needs such as number of bedrooms, living areas, location, when you would like to move in and pricing.
(Cost: No Charge)

We can design a home that suits your lifestyle, location and budget OR you can choose our architectural service.
(Cost: Fee proposal on request)


We provide you with a proposal with options and an estimate of transport charges for you to review.
(Cost: No Charge)

An initial site will be required to confirm access and site requirements.
(Cost: No Charge)


You sign a Preliminary Agreement with us. Design changes and drawings are finalised and we commence construction drawings, engineering, soil testing and prepare drawings for your council applications. Our client liaison consultant will guide you through the selections process – this is done in Wagga over 2 days.
Cost: $8 800 This is part of your finalised contract price.

We introduce you to our planning consultant, who will liaise with your council and prepare your application to council.
Cost: Fee proposal on request.

Council application is done by our planning consultant or self- submitted. Times for council approval can take up to 6 weeks. Once approval is granted - an available build start time is confirmed.
Cost: Application fees to your council. This varies however you can ask for an estimate from council.


You review and sign the contract and pay your deposit.
Cost: 5% of contract sum.


It takes from around 14 weeks from our available start time in our factory.

At the same time, you will need to finalise arrangements for your electrician, plumber to finalise on site installation and any site works which are needed.

3-4 weeks prior to delivery – we will come to your site and install our pier stumping system.

You will have the option to inspect your house throughout the build and before your home leaves our factory.

All site works are to be finalised – including any site work.
Cost: Stage payments begin as per schedule.


Your Prominda home is delivered to your site and our specialist on site join up crew will complete all the final installation. This can take 7-14 days depending on your design.

Your electrician and plumber will complete the on-site installation. Prominda and customer undertake final inspection together.

All documents and certifications are provided for you to submit to your council.
Final payment of 5% prior to hand over of house and keys.

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