Cladding your Prominda house

What choices do Prominda offer?

Though we all love the colours, look, and feel of Colourbond on your Prominda home, there are many other options available when choosing your external cladding.

Colourbond is normally attached horizontally but have you considered vertical or even diagonal cladding? You can use the same colour or even a contrasting colour to suit the style and location of your Prominda home. Colourbond is available in many colours under their Contemporary and Class colour ranges.

What about other cladding materials?

Here are some ideas for claddings which can be incorporated into your design:

Weathertex is 100% Australian owned and manufactured and offers a wide range of timber cladding, and panels. Weathertex uses wood from certified state forest or private hardwoods forests. The logs are chipped, pulped, and pressed with 3% natural wax. There are no chemical additives.

James Hardie have many external cladding options which can be used with your Prominda home. The product range suits a variety of home designs with numerous profiles and finishes available. Claddings can also be used in your interior as feature walls. Their products are resistant to moisture, termite damage, rotting and warping. They are low maintenance and highly durable.


Tip - Check with your local council as some councils will have restrictions on the products and colours you can use on your home.