Dodging the minefield of building, why modular houses do it better.

How building with Prominda can save you money on your new home.

Building a new home is not easy and can be expensive. From finding land to designing the house and paying the unpredictable costs of labour, your initial budget could be blowing out long before completion. Add to that the complexities of building in rural areas and you could be tossing your savings to the wind. Fortunately, there’s one simple way to avoid unpredictable building costs, the solution is modular housing.

When Prominda began designing and building homes for people wanting to live outside city areas, we took into account the unique challenges of these projects. With many locations being remote and that "perfect spot" having difficult access, we knew a “traditional” build would not work. In our undercover factory in Wagga Wagga, we can build your home rain, hail, or shine. Building in the factory we eliminate many of these factors. There are no weather delays, we get consistent sourcing of materials and labour, and have direct access to our engineers and designers meaning a more efficient building process. One that won't be held up by a 3-hour round trip to get that missing bolt.

Without issues like access and weather, and having a location close to our suppliers, we can provide you with an accurate cost and deliver your home from just 14 weeks. This is part of our Prominda Advantage with fixed price and a fast build just the beginning. Prominda does not just offer a modular house, we offer a customisable architect designed home. Your functional home is designed to provide the best use of passive solar heating, the best location on your block, and internal fittings and trims that turn a house into a home. Being a modular design provides great flexibility at known and fixed prices.


You can see the full list of Prominda Advantages here.