All sites are flat - Taking the challenge out of building on a sloping site with modular homes

It is a running joke at Prominda that our sales staff say all sites are flat and access is easy. However, once site levels are taken - it turns out almost all sites have a slope! The good news is, in most cases a little slope is helpful as it makes it easy to determine where rainwater or septic tanks should best be placed. Remember that water - and other things -  like to flow downhill

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What is a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level), and how does it affect the site of your new home?

If you’re planning to build a home or purchase a new property, you’ll soon come across the term “BAL” (Bushfire Attack Level). It’s important to understand BAL ratings because they can affect your building costs and overall budget - especially if your property has a high risk level. Let’s take a look at BAL classifications and what factors can affect where your property rates.

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Architects, draftsmen and engineers – oh my! Traditional building versus MODULAR HOMES

You have your block - but what comes next?

An architect? A draftsman? An engineer? A geotechnician?  A planning consultant? An ecological consultant? A bushfire consultant? A builder?

Even after securing your dream patch of land, designing and building the house you want within your budget can seem like an overwhelming task. At Prominda, we’ve streamlined this process to help you bypass the maze of professionals and skip straight to the good part - building your home.

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Off-grid home at Gundaroo assembled in hours

Westerly winds spring up at the most inopportune time, such as when an 11-tonne section of a new home was gently raised on the end of a huge crane near Gundaroo on Monday afternoon.

Lesley Livingstone’s master bedroom was hoisted from the back of a semi-trailer parked between a 137,000-litre water tank, and shed and stables on the other, with millimetres to spare.

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